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Magnetic Hill


Located on King Road in between a yellow road sign and a weeping willow tree on the lefthand side of the road, (coming from the QEW).
The story has it that there was a fatal accident that occured here at the top of this hill (right beside the tree). Killing all that was invovled.
Why is it haunted?
It is believed that the spirits of the people killed here still live on and will push your car up the hill as far as they can if you either turn off your car completely or just put it into neutral. And after your car is done going up the hill, you are supposed to get out of your car and look on the back of your trunk and yout will see all of the handprints.
Does it Work?
YES! it does work. Some cars go further up the hill than other cars do. And it is believed that the spirits are stronger on some days. BUT, the whole finger print belief is definately a MYTH and is NOT true. Make sure that the back of your car is completely clean and spottless if you want to try it out for yourself.

Spring/Summer of 2003



These pics are of John's car goin up the hill. 



Here is a pic of John telling the ORBS and sprits where to go. Notice the Ecto-Mist forming all around him as well.There is also some ORBS and Ecto-Mist in the second pic on the right as well.



The pic on the left is of the left-hand side of the road (where there is barbwire). The pic on the right is of the field on the right-hand side of the road.



These pics were taken out of Matt's truck (notice the antenea). Got some ORBS though.


This pic was also taken out of  Matt's truck near the top of the hill of the trees on the right-hand side.

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